30 July 2014

Sibling Snapchats

You know you're family when you send this snapchat...
Yankees suck

...and get this in return...
Yankees suck


29 July 2014


Eve forced me to go to a multi-stake YSA activity on Saturday.  There was FREE RITA'S and I reconnected with people I haven't seen in ages and I made a new friend or two and I stole candy.

YSA night with Ashley

28 July 2014

Goodbye Brunch

Jon's moving back to Hawaii this week for many good reasons (including "to save money"...yes, how many people do you know who are able to move to Hawaii to save money?), so we celebrated (mourned?) by going to brunch.  My pancakes were mediocre, but I did almost get our waiter to sing to us, soooo yeah.

Also, there were these really cool lounge chairs at the restaurant.

You will be missed, Jon!

Me and Jon
Jon's brunch
Jon's brunch

But man, those old bay potatoes.  Mmmmm.

26 July 2014

Rita's In Chinatown


Ain't nothing wrong with that.

25 July 2014

Selfie Police

Dang popo, always on the hunt for citizens taking selfies.

Selife Police
from Camille Moffat on Vimeo.


Oh look, there's a new app where I can take ONE THOUSAND SELIFES (read: 16) and turn it into a collage!!!

So obviously this is my new favorite app.

Party party

24 July 2014

A Tour-iffic Night in Georgetown

I took a little self-designed tour of Georgetown last night...did you catch the pun in the title of this post?

It was beautiful and fun and educational...and maybe kind of crazy because it involved walking at least 4 miles in the DC July heat.

A tour-iffic night in GTown
Exorcist steps

AND I went (down) the Exorcist steps for the FIRST TIME!! I've been here almost three years and I am just doing some rookie stuff!!