17 July 2014

In My Defense, I'm Not Afraid of Bugs

There was a raccoon in our trash last night.

So, fun fact: last night I learned that raccoons freaking creep me out!!! I had started to take the recycling out, saw the demon, hurried back inside and told my roommates...and they immediately went out to ooo and aaah over it!! Wrong reaction, ladies!  The whole time they were out there, the door to the house was propped open, and I was worried that the raccoon would race inside and kill me!!  How anyone could find that freaky face and demon eyes adorable is beyond me.

And now I'm never taking out the trash ever again.

15 July 2014

Sara Bareilles Concert

I've been wanting to go to a Sara Bareilles concert for years-- ever since Jannifer told me about how she saw her before she was really famous in some small bar in Utah and that it was amazing.  The concert was at Wolf Trap- which is beautiful but also a sauna on a humid day like yesterday.  It was also apparently the largest show she's ever played.

Sara Bareilles
Sara Bareilles
Sara Bareilles

Overall, I liked the show.  Not my absolute favorite concert ever (BECAUSE HELLO JT!!), but man, she has a lot of power behind her voice.  I know that there's a picture of the group I went with (Jacqueline and Leslie), but I look like a hot humid mess, so that's not going up here.

14 July 2014

PKP Party

Megan and Nicole were in town this weekend from Utah and Boston, so we had a little party last night.  It was fun and perfect and delicious!  I loved hearing so many tales (including one of illicit love!!).

PKP Soiree with Megan and Nicole
PKP Soiree with Megan and Nicole
PKP Soiree with Megan and Nicole
PKP Soiree with Megan and Nicole
Don't hate me, Beth, I just love it.
PKP Soiree with Megan and Nicole
PKP Soiree with Megan and Nicole

I love them all, they make me better.

11 July 2014

Tenerife Sea

My latest song obsession.  So beautiful and lovely.  Ed does it again.

I have to consciously remind myself not to flirt with the missionaries because they are infants and, you know, missionaries.

10 July 2014

Spotify Is My New Best Friend

Again, I work from home and I also don't have a car.  So I do fewer cool things and I crave human interaction (okay, affirmation and validation).  I almost posted a selfie to Instagram, but I was strong and resisted.  So here's some graphics I made while waiting for a download to install instead.



When You Work From Home

Sometimes you don't put on real pants all day (as in, I wear my pajama pants).
Sometimes you don't put on makeup until 7pm (you know, because it's good for your skin).
Sometimes you think about not showering (but you always do shower).

What! No picture?! Sorry to disappoint folks ;)