14 September 2014

It Takes A Lot Of Help To Look This Good

And constantly asking my friends, "Is my hair doing that weird part thing?  How's my necklace?"

Ashley NMichelle L

Also showing off how flawless Michelle and Ashley look on the job.
And a note to myself to not hunch my shoulders!!!!!!

13 September 2014

New Car!!!

I HAVE A NEW CAR!!! I had given up all hope, and then it came in literally a week before I left. 

World, meet Lenos!

New car!!!
New car!!!

Wouldn't be living that CamCam life if I didn't buy a car and then immediately put 2.5k miles on it. 

12 September 2014

Look How Good-Looking My Friends Are

It's a good thing I'm exhausted from traveling and unpacking as I write this, otherwise this would be another super sentimental post.

Basically, I miss and love everyone.  Thanks for being the perfect party hostess, Michelle.  And thanks to the whole ward for dealing with my sobbing (yep! I kept it together super well!) on Sunday.

So many pictures, and I am not in the least bit sorry (that's old school for sorrynotsorry).
Also, Anne Sophes, if you see this, thanks for letting me wear your skirt on Saturday and your top on Sunday ;)

Ward temple night
LZRS2 Presidency
Maddy Gleave
Jordan Langdon
Chinatown and Sarah Waggoner
Yandary & Sarah
Yandary Z
Alexis L
Dara K
LZRS2 Presidency
^shoes are fiercely on point here
Maddy & Jordan
Maddy & Jordan
Ashley N
Carols and Sar
Brad H
Michelle L
Magidson sisters
Spencer k
Yandary & Maggie

Full Circle Selfies

First time...

Last time (for now)...

Cute old NGA guy
I love going to museums and taking art history snaps, but I love watching other people interact with art even more. Today I sat down next to an older gentleman contemplating this portrait in the corner, and it was beautiful. (Théodore Duret, Édouard Vuill

11 September 2014

Art History Snaps

I was doing it well before the Instagram account...

I went to the NGA on my last full day in D.C., and it was everything I could have hoped for.  I ran into those same awkward guards from my first visit as a D.C. resident pretty much exactly three years beforehand.  I received the sweetest compliment from a non-creepy security guard (didn't know the NGA had those!).  I teared up as I said goodbye for now to my favorite paintings and sculptures.

And I snapped a few good pics:

Art history snaps
Art history snaps
Art history snaps
Art history snaps
Art history snaps
Art history snaps
Art history snaps
Art history snaps
Art history snaps
Art history snaps

The NGA is easily my favorite place in D.C. ... I'm so glad it provided endless crazy stories, too.

04 September 2014

To My D.C. Family

I count my friends here in D.C. among my family.  You all have been there for me without ceasing.  Do you remember how I moved here without a place to live, and I knew maybe 3 people?  You took me in, and you befriended me.  Do you remember the adventures we had?  Oh, how we explored, how we camped and road tripped and dressed up for all sorts of parties.  Do you remember the hard times?  The times when others were cruel, but you were always there to make me smile.  The times when I was job hunting, and you coached me through months of applications.  The times when I was sick, and you made me better.  The times when I was hurting, and you just knew how to comfort me.

Do you know how much you helped me?  I do.
Do you know how much your examples have inspired me?  I do.
Do you know how much your love has comforted me?  I do.

I wouldn't be where I am or who I am today without all of my angel friends that I have met here in D.C.

That's what makes this move so hard for me.  I am so excited to see my family...but I am sorrowful to be leaving my family here.  I feel so much misery at being extracted seemingly before my time, and certainly before I am ready.  I don't know how to tell everyone.  I don't think I could survive telling everyone.  I had been fairly composed this week, but as soon as I told Michelle, it all came flooding out.  And it didn't stop for the rest of the night.

D.C. is my home.  I never imagined a day where I would end up in Utah again, but I keep reminding myself that it's not permanent.  I know, for whatever reason that I can't fully get my head around, that I need to do this.  I also know that I will be able to come back home.

I am moving, and I am leaving D.C.  For now.

November 2011

and I'm bawling as I write this.

30 July 2014

Sibling Snapchats

You know you're family when you send this snapchat...
Yankees suck

...and get this in return...
Yankees suck