23 April 2014

Ridley Creek State Park Is My Favorite Park

I like to brag that I grew up around the corner from a state park.  None of this regular park mumbo jumbo*, only grand state-run parks for Camille. /one/two/

park house

*jk, Rose Tree Park, you're great, too.

22 April 2014

Updates On The Philly Temple

Walls are up!!

moffats at phily temple
yandary and me at temple

It used to look like this, sooo yeah!

21 April 2014

Happy Birthday, Mama!

Mama K's birthday is today!  Yesterday, we had a key lime pie to celebrate (thanks, Yandary!) and sang and danced and it was grand!

mama's bday
mama's bday
mama's bday
birthday pie


Polar Bear Swim

I'm not ready to write about the overall finality of this past Easter weekend.

I did make a point of going for one last swim in the pool.  My mom saw me in my bathing suit marching out back, grabbed a towel, and followed me saying, "I better be there in case your lungs collapse."

Not sure if it's embedding in the post...if not, click the link.

18 April 2014

Random Thoughts

I love cookies.  Like, love them.

Is it strange that I'm eating my leftover Cava for breakfast?

I got a new facewash (it has charcoal in it, and that's some kind of a thing) and it smells like men's cologne.  Like very good men's cologne.

I was at Barnes and Noble last night.  I took a stack of 12 books up to a table to peruse, but when I got there I knocked everything over (including the prior tenant's Starbucks).  I reassured myself that if this were a movie, my clumsiness would be very charming.

I really love cookies.

Daaaaang Ingrid Michaelson, yo' new album is all woah.

Earlier this week I was sleeping with my fan on.  Now I'm back to my electric blanket.

I got caught in 4 downpours on Tuesday.  It's a good thing "Wet Cat Chic" looks amazing on me.


16 April 2014

Cheerful Weather For The Wedding

Has anybody else seen this movie?  I just watched it last night.  The last few minutes are still lingering, and I'm trying to figure things out.

"We somehow bear what seems unbearable."
-POTUS at the Fort Hood Memorial Service.

Cherry blossoms 2014

And right now that is the lack of sleep I've been getting.  Eternal blessings upon caffeine.