24 June 2009

Bowling and Stargazing

So my friends decided that they hated me last night.
They took me bowling.
I hate bowling.

I know, it seems weird- who hates bowling? Let me 'splain. About October of my junior year of high school, I had a horrible audition. I mean, really, who messes up their A Major scale? Me, apparently. Afterwords, in an attempt to make me feel better, my brother took me and our friend Abbie bowling. We played three games, and I scored a 7, a 9, and a 13. For all 10 frames. At one point, the ball fell off of my hand as I brought my hand back and almost hit Abbie. It was a disaster and I haven't played since (except in Wii, in which case I rock).
I really didn't want to go but I wanted to be social. At least they didn't make me play, but they were able to do what no one else has in the last five years and get me into a bowling alley.

Apres, Karli and I went stargazing, and Stephanie met up with us :) Once upon a time I used to know all the winter constelations, and now I really want to relearn them and learn the summer ones!


rebecca said...

i've always believed i was a terrible bowler consistantly scoring in the 30s but you my friend definitely take the cake. however, i don't hate bowling.. every time i go i tell myself "this is the time you break 100" ...it has yet to happen

Camille said...

Haha yeah you definitely have me beat. When you do finally break 100 be sure to document that magical moment. And tell me what it feels like since I'm sure I'll never know ;)