29 June 2009

Number 6- Check.

Had another picnic hier. Stephanie, Adri, Brandon, and I went to that sweet park from a few weeks ago after church and had sandwiches, apricots, pringles, pineapple, and 100 calorie packs (basically, chick food). The weather was perfect!

My friends love Toms. If I had a job I would so invest in a pair to feel like part of the club.

Brandon just loves Pringles. This is a totally candid shot.

Aand the title of this post is based off of the last post- go read it.


Kyle and Hailey said...

i love you. Will you play with me?

Camille said...

:D Of course! Anytime!!

Stephanie said...

Woah... check out the veins in Brandon's right arm.

Camille said...

I know right? I was wondering if anyone else would notice that.