17 June 2009

Fountains and Snowies

Yes, I already posted today. But I did cool stuff later on and I can't wait to post pictures! Karli, Stephanie, and I went to this park near Walmart that I'd never been to before this afternoon, and it just may be the coolest park around. I got there a little later than they did and missed out on the swinging, but I didn't mind too much once I saw the fountain (!) See exhibit A below

Cool right? We ignored the "No Swimming/No Wading" signs and promptly jumped on in! Hey, you can only get so rebellious around here.

We then decided that we needed sustenance after all of our fountain splashing, and stopped for Snowies on the way back! The lady working there was awesome and gave us tons of samples :)

Below are some pictures showing just how gorgeous my friends are. No, I'm not hitting on them. I'm just saying...they're hot.


Lindsay said...

will you take me there?

Camille said...

but of course!

Karli Woolley said...

you left out the pictures of you following the duckies. so precious :)

jasmine said...

it's hard NOT to jump in when there are a bunch of signs posted telling you not to! it awakens your inner rebel! i would have jumped in too. :)