22 June 2009

Homecoming and Homesick

Today I am homesick.
No real reason. I just am. I miss my family tons. And the East Coast.

{this is where I would insert a family picture, but we're getting those in a few weeks, so use your imagination}

In other news, I went to my cousin's homecoming today! He just got back from the England Birmingham Mission, and he came back with this cute little accent. [side note: my uncle on the other side was his mission president! weird, isn't it?] I'm extra glad that he's home since we're only a few weeks apart in age :) He gave a great talk. There was an open house afterwords, and I got to hang out with my extended family. [side note 2: I have mostly guy cousins, and the high/middle schoolers think teasing me, a girl, is loads of fun. So one of them decided to lock my bag {complete with camera, scriptures, phone, wallet, keys, etc} in the hot tub room. As in I couldn't get to it. grr] Seriously though, I totally have the coolest family ever.

I didn't get to see my daddy today, but I did call and wish him a happy father's day. I love him so much!


Lindsay said...

im sorry youre feeling homesick. i love you camilley

jasmine said...

hey there! that's so cool you're an art history major too! had i been paying attention to your url, i would have noticed this! :)

i hope your homesickness goes away soon. it's really tough being away from your family.