25 July 2009

Gettin' Crafty

Today was a much needed great day!

Stephanie and I have both been dying to do something, so we decided to do an art project! While we were out shopping a few weeks ago, we saw some really cool looking wood block initials/letters things at Urban Outfitters. But since we're cool, we decided to make them on our own! So after a quick trip to Michael's to get the letters and paper to decorate them with, we set to work. After painting, tracing, cutting, modge-podging, and hardware-store-tripping, our projects were complete!

And to make it better, 2 of our 3 favorite songs came on back-to-back on the radio!

A shout out to Crosby for driving me all the way up to Salt Lake to pick up Walter (my Jetta) and to my dad for taking us all to ice cream (yum!!)