13 July 2009

Heilbron: The Streets

I loved loved being home this weekend :) I have the best family ever. Sorry guys, mine beats yours.

I got in to PA at 1 in the morning Thursday night. I woke up Friday and got my new license. Can I just say how cool I feel now that I have an adult horizontal license, and not a vertical minor's license? Because I do feel really cool. Paige and I took fake license pictures for fun.

We also went to my FAVORITE place {one of many favorite places that I have} in the world: Rita's Water Ice. It is SO SO delish. All of you non-PA-ians have no idea what you're missing. I tried the newest flavor {pineapple} and it was pretty much like heaven.

While we were at Rita's I jumped through some bushes that I later realized were rose bushes to get a picture with the "Media" sign. But when people ask how I scratched up my legs, I just tell them that I got into a street fight. I'm from the hood.

Here are some other pictures Paige and I took.

Friday night I hung out with my friend Madeline, which is the first time I've hung out with anyone from high school since graduation. We had so much fun! We made a French movie a la AP Francais V, crawled through a tunnel by the creek, and walked down to South visit Jeff Walker. Apparently he's at Duke for the summer, but when we rang on the doorbell at 10pm and his mom answered, she was actually on the phone with him so that was pretty awesome!

Saturday morning was family portraits! We're pretty much models. I'm so glad we got new ones since I was definitely 16 and awkward and didn't take care of my appearance at all yet, and I don't look like how I feel in the big picture hanging over the living room fire place.

Saturday night was Sam's grad/farewell party. I socialized a little bit, but there wasn't really anyone I was close with, so I went downstairs and watched The Holiday on TV and painted my nails.

Sunday was Sam's farewell. I bawled like a baby. Of course. I just love him so much and am going to miss him tons. He did a great job, even though his 20 minute talk got cut down to about 8 since the woman before him took half a bloody hour.

And now I'm back in hot Provo.

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