19 July 2009

We Go To Concerts For The Pre-Show

Tonight was The Fray concert, and a bunch of us from the ward went. But not for said headlining band. We went for the opening act, Jack's Mannequin. Even though I don't know most of their stuff {although I recognized more songs than I thought I would, and even knew some of the lyrics}, I had a lot of fun!

Aaron's brother wasn't able to make it, so Shannon was able to come instead!

Some of the ladies- Jannifer, Shannon, me, Stephanie, and Karli. My friends are so beautiful!
{note- I am wearing my new nailpolish!}

Me with 3 of the fine gentlemen of 208- Aaron, Sean, and Brandon. Apparently 2 of them don't do normal faces...

The group!

Also, Hailey took me on my first scooter ride today! I loved it so much more than I thought possible!!

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Karli Woolley said...

Haha, okay so the pictures of those boys are absolutely perfect. We had fun :)