26 September 2009

dreams when you're sick are the weirdest.
for example:

last night i dreamed it was my wedding day. i'd had no part in the planning- my mother and my 2 roommates shannon and lisa had taken care of everything. in fact, i couldn't even tell you who the groom was. i remember it was disastrous- i was getting married in utah {not d.c.}, had a choice of a purple or a yellow wedding dress, the carpet at the location was gross {i remember that it wouldn't coordinate with the flower girls' dresses for some reason}, and we kept getting lost.
hopefully things will be much better when i do get married for real. knowing who i'm marrying would be nice, too.

{from babysitting one summer. no, i did not choose to do this on my own- the kids told me i was getting married that day when i came over}


Kyle said...

why was I, Hailey Marie Hobson, not involved in your wedding planning. And why wasn't I there?


Camille said...

well, you were...i just didn't want to post for everyone the part where as i was packing for the honeymoon {ahem} i realized that no one had thrown me a bridal shower, and so i turned to you and said "hailey! why didn't you throw me a bridal shower!?"
and there it is :)