19 September 2009

slc gallery stroll & crepes

last night i went to gallery stroll in slc with my friend laura! we only went to two places because we, being the really cool seniors that we are, tagged along with our friend aundrea and her freshmen academy group that she's a peer mentor for. it was really fun and the weather was ridiculously beautiful. we went to finch lane gallery and then to art access.

laura just bought a scooter earlier that day, so this painting was very appropriate!

even though we filled up on all the hors d'ouevres, we decided to stop at maestro's in provo on the way back {like i mentioned in last night's post}. but seriously, so good. my friend served his mission in italy and helped his friend open it a while back, and i can not stop raving about it! {soapbox moment: it's crEpe, people. not crApe. i don't know why people in utah insist on pronouncing it that way. [and i'm not just hating on utah- i just haven't heard it said like that anywhere else] i'm not expecting perfect french pronunciation, but seriously, it's an 'e' not an 'a.' it makes my ears hurt when people say it that way. the end.}

if you thinks this looks divine, just wait until you taste it!

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