28 September 2009

stake carnival

tonight was the annual stake carnival fhe. there were supposed to be hot air balloons, which i was s-u-p-e-r excited for, but apparently they tore? i was really upset when i found out, seeing as how i'd been looking forward to riding in them since this summer.
despite the loss, i had a lot of fun! i have such awesome friends.

{also, i'm wearing one of my new headbands that i love from navyperl. seriously, check them out- they're so cute. the headbands and the girls who sell them.}

we were one of the first ones in line for dinner {of course}. the court jester {?} came and sat next to stephanie. luckyyyy.

we then waited in line to got our fortunes told {complete with garfield cards}!! Let's just say I'm going to be doubly lucky in love.

looks like stephanie had a good fortune ;)

of course we played on the playground for a little bit:

some pictures with some of my other awesome friends!

hot air balloons will have to be for a future day then...

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