18 October 2009

a couple of exciting things!

first off, here's some pictures from my latest project! {i know the quality of the photos are poor- please accept my apologies}

i kind of love it. you can see my memo board in one of the pictures too! also, please pardon the spots on the wall from previous tenets- i clearly live in a college apartment.

yesterday i got to help out at the triathlon. now, before you get all excited and impressed, i did not actually compete. this is me we're talking about people. i support athletics, but am not the most athletic person myself {which is a whole other topic itself}. parker is on the tri club/team here and helped organize it, so i used my skills from when i was the high school boys' track team and helped record times.

{i was too busy taking times otherwise there would be a picture here}

AND! after 5 years, my dad got released as bishop today! crazy! not only that, but everyone in the ward got released because of this giant boundry change they did. they made the 2 wards into 1, and parts of the 1st ward came to ours, and other parts went to other wards. a small part of ours got moved to a different branch. it's so crazy. obviously i know most of these people coming over, but i've only chatted with them in the hallways and stuff, never actually gone to church with them. christmas is going to be an adjustment.