29 October 2009

yoga help

i've decided that i want to take up yoga. i need that hour or two a week to just relax, focus on something that i want to do, and get flexible all at the same time. oh, and be cool, too.

trouble is, when i google-searched places to do yoga in the provo/orem area, not too much came up. but i know that there are places to go.

anyone know of any?


rebecca said...

when you find a place, i know of a few girls who would love to join you. including yours truly.

Karli Woolley said...

Well, my friend Kim and I are going to get Golds Gym memberships through our work and start going to the yoga classes. it'd be like 25 a month but you probably won't find a private studio for much cheaper. Even better- we just just make a few nights at crestwood and do it together :)

Janae said...

24 Hour Fitness offers student prices, no contract or obligations, for like $22 per month. They have yoga every Saturday. And I'm sure more often than that, but I know they have it on Saturday.

Also my old professor, Dr. Sirpa Grierson, teaches it at her house. I'm sure she'd love to have you. :)

parkermoffat said...

I believe there is a studio just for yoga in Riverwoods.