07 October 2009

patience.x.7 aka lessons from tom the turkey

so if i had to categorize the guidance i've been getting in my life right now it would be this:

i even have a little sticky note on my mirror reminding me: be patient.

so every time i get feeling a certain way, i just remind myself of where this advice came from, and the feeling starts to fade.

background story: whenever it's my sister paige's turn for the fhe lesson at home, she always picks the same little lesson packet: tom the turkey. it's all about this turkey who learns to be more patient by saying the word 'patience' 7 times, and his tail feathers change color{corny, i know, but oh the memories!}

i don't know what exactly i'm being patient for, exactly, but here goes:
patience, patience, patience, patience, patience, patience, patience

besides, hopefully it will keep me from having any more stress/emotional breakouts.

{from flickr.}

1 comment:

rebecca said...

hear hear. i've been feeling that way lately too. its no fun but we just gotta do it. loves!