20 October 2009

pumpkin' carving at fhe

tonight was the annual pumpkin carving fhe at the bishopbric's house. we were put in groups of 4, and afterwords our efforts were judged, with the top 3 winning prizes. i was talking lots of smack about how our pumpkin would win, but much to my surprise, our pig pumpkin did win!! jade and i gutted it while the boys designed and carved it {with some guidance/suggestions from us}. we won free dinner dates at the feveryear's house. if i realized i would've had to ask someone, maybe i would've aimed for 2nd place and those movie tickets... my experiences asking boys out have rarely gone well {once, i went to this cool thing i was really excited about with a boy, only to find out he had a secret girlfriend...that explained a lot}

yeah, we were all wearing the same exact shade of blue. cliquish much?


our prize pumpkin! trough and tail included.

the prize.

below is a video of me post-win.
yes, i'm aware that i lisp on film.

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Lindsay said...

best video ever