27 October 2009

snow, shoes, etc

so suppossedly it's snowed a few times already this month, but i've refused to acknowledge it since i haven't seen it. but today i had no choice but to recognize it, since i walked to class in it and what not. boo on snow.
{disclaimer: don't take this as i hate snow, all you snow lovers. mostly, i hate that it snows so bloody early in utah, and it doesn't end until may. and i don't like walking to class from a parking spot 5 miles away in it either.}

i also got a new pair of shoes! i need{ed} new black and brown flats- found a pair of black so mission 1/2 accomplished.

and as a side note, yes, i do fall for the same tricks over and over. and then wonder why i'm so disappointed. it's halloween- since i've got my tricks, when do the treats show up?

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