17 October 2009

some days, you do catch a break

several, actually. and you start to realize how all the little things count, too

for example:

after 2 hours, nathan in the ward was able to fix my printer!

during those 2 hours, i did my project with my pictures from yesterday! {pictures to follow soon once i clean up my room a little and can photograph without shame}

pumpkin fudge at the candy counter- yeah, it's amazing {much better than the picture makes it look}

i read the course schedule and realized that this draft isn't due for points, so i don't have to turn it in by midnight {good thing, too, because no way was that going to happen}

my toast catalogue came!

jennifer and casey's wedding with b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! i caught the bouquet a split second before another girl, but i let her claim it since i've caught the bouquet several times in my life anyway. lisa did a fantastic job on the flowers {jen and lisa are cousins}, and there were sparklers at the end! and i'm one of those rare people that actually do looove weddings!

thank you for looking out for me today. i needed it.

i'll be up bright and early demain- can't wait!

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