31 October 2009

yoga report and pumpkin pancakes!

i tried the it's yoga studio this morning and i loved it! very friendly beginner's class. i feel so rejuvenated! unlike the rest of my family, i'm not very athletic, and i don't get much physical activity {other than the 20 mile walk to campus from the closest parking lot} and am not in the best shape {considering all the heart problems in my family, this has been a concern}. also, i'm not very flexible, and anyone who has seen me attempt to walk knows that i have about 0 balance. i can tell from one class that i'm definitely going to improve in all categories. i'm super excited to track my progression!

alsooo, trader joe's pumpkin pancakes? yeah, they're delicious!


Lindsay said...

ummm where are you getting trader joes food?

Camille said...

my mamma. next time i make 'em i'll call ya