13 November 2009

i've got a problem

so, as cliche as this is, i'm just going to say it. my conference issue of the ensign came in the mail recently and i've been addicted ever since. like, a-ddicted. and to my scriptures, too. seriously.
good side: learning lots of good things; drawing nearer unto Christ; it also happens to be the only thing that can get rid of all the knots i've had in my stomach of late.
bad side: i'm seriously neglecting my school work.

other eventful news: not only did i eat sushi for the first time on wednesday night, i also made it. so yeah, if you're impressed, that's totally alright.

after rolling, before cutting. it was a lot more impressive after being cut, i just didn't get a picture.

1 comment:

Liese said...

1. I have all the talks on my iPod...addicted! 2. ya I dont get anything done as well 3. LOVE Sushi!