11 November 2009


katie and i always have all our art history classes together. on tuesday/thursdays we have an hour break between byzart and meso, so we find various things to do to fill the time. and by various, i mean we do the exact same things every time. so i had the genius idea to document our hour on a disposable camera. it was way fun! especially when we asked complete strangers to take pictures of us.

we go to the hfac and reprimand the advisement center when they make mistakes

we run into friends on campus
we hang out in the cougar eat and decide what to eat. we try to get pictures of us texting and fail. we also watch the freshman hit on other girls...looks like he's moved on.
we peruse the candy counter
we read magazines
we go to the library, facebook stalk hotties, and run into more friends
we hang out behind the library before class
finally, we actually go to class

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