30 November 2009

so you know what's not fun? a broken heater.

seriously. our heater is dysfunctional. throughout the day i always have to reset it because it always reverts back to its manufacturer's settings, which are much colder than where we want it. annoying, yes, but not too big of a deal during the day. what sucks is at night. when, i swear, it reverts right back as soon as i get in bed. and thus i can't fall asleep because i'm too cold. because really- what genius at the manufacturer's thought that anyone in any season would want it to be 60 bloody degrees when they're asleep???? it's positively miserable. miserable.

it's a good thing i don't need sleep. oh wait.


Stephanie said...

You can borrow my space heater, dear. It works wonders.

Camille said...

ooh i think i will - unless you need it :)