27 November 2009

still thankful a day later

thanksgiving was a great as ever yesterday!

after dropping my roommate off at the airport, i just went straight to my gramma's and got there 3 hours before dinner was scheduled to start. so i got to spend the interim helping her cook and learn all of her masterful ways. it was pretty rad!

everyone showed up, and it was time to eat the delicious food! yes, i still got shoved to the kids table off in the side room. after all, i'm a single grandchild so i can't sit at the table with the cousins who aren't in middle/high school... don't worry, i consoled my self with pumpkin pie. mmm.
i really wish i could remember what they were talking about...look at those faces mike and becky are giving him.
my cute cousin dj! a lot of people know him here at the y, and i tell you, it makes me more friends.

tanner will be 16 in a year, ladies....
my cousin amy's cute little girl sophie

then we {parker, his roommate, and i} went to our uncle randy's house to hang out and make gingerbread houses! it's always crazy fun there- randy's got 12 kids, all married, and 11 have children {ranging in age from a few months to a freshman in college}. everyone was running around everywhere {probably my fault, seeing as how i was chasing the kids...}.

so gingerbread house making is pretty much an art form at randy and julie's- they make them every year, and it shows. the 5 year olds were making these amazing houses. i've only had the past 3 years to learn, and my houses have progressively been getting better. this year, jessica {my cousin greg's awesome 16 year old daughter} and i teamed up to make our awesome gingerbread house. it was so flyyy.

winner material

recap video

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Pago said...

ha! jess is like you freak....

P.S. i love Becky's face it's priceless!