25 December 2009

a Christmas to remember

i hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, indeed!

i knew this year would be a small Christmas, what with the whole "going-to-cambridge-this-summer" thing. i did, however, get a very unexpected {but very welcomed} gift. my dad was telling me that the frequent fliers would only let me fly out a week early for cambridge, so i immediately started racking my brain for places i could stay that week- uncle richard and aunt amy were mission presidents in england and might know someone i could stay with; naomi is from london; ben is from england, too. that's when he hit me with this: "i'll guess we'll just have to spend that week in paris."


i literally started crying. how do i explain how i n c r e d i b l e this is for me? my dad served his mission in paris, so i've always grown up hearing about it. it was the first foreign destination i wanted to go to, although it didn't really seem "foreign" because of all the talk of it in my house and all the french stuff my dad always brings back for us. i took 8 years of french in school, and we speak it a bit in my house. heck, my name is french. needless to say, when my brothers got to go {one of whom took spanish, aka not french}, i was remarkably jealous. and making it through an art history program as one of the few who hasn't been to paris {or most other european hotspots} is painfully hard. it's like i've been living my life for this moment.

so while cambridge is in the plans {bought plane tickets aujourd'hui}- and is happening unless a series of hypotheticals occurs- paris is a definite!!!! j'aime la vie! for many reasons.

i also want to express how grateful i am for this holiday. while giving and getting gifts is great, i love that there is a day set aside for the specific purpose of celebrating the day the Savior came into the world. without His birth and His life, all the things i get would mean nothing. His birth is truly the greatest gift of all.

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awesome!! im jeal