19 December 2009


i've been running on verrry little sleep all week, and it's caught up with me. i'm so exhausted, but i don't want to take a nap because i want to be able to fall asleep tonight- i have to get up much earlier than i want to for my flight in the morning {my apologies in advance to my family for how i'll look when i arrive. because it probably won't be very cute}

katie and i went to coffee pod today- it's the last time i'm going to see her for over 4 months :( the one good thing about being this fatigued is that i was too tired to feel sad, although i know it's going to hit me when i go to text her something funny, and i can't. or pretty much anytime next semester when she isn't there.

man, i look tired. but i just love this girl!

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