21 December 2009

finally FINALLY home!

well, i'm finally home. i guess i got what i deserved, since whenever anyone asked if i had plans for when i got home, i just said i was going to have lots of adventures.

here's the deal:

i was supposed to leave saturday night, but the flight got cancelled. so as we were driving to the airport sunday morning, we get a call that that flight was cancelled, too, and weren't rebooked until tuesday. i was like, "nuh-uh sista, no way am i waiting until tuesday to go home." so i got booked on a flight to atlanta, then connect to pittsburgh, then take a train home. turns out all the trains were full {also, the trainstation is about an hour away from the pittsburgh airport}, so i stayed in atlanta. luckkkkillly, i have relatives in atlanta who were oh so kind enough to pick me up and let me stay at their house.
this morning, i went back the airport. my luggage still hadn't come in, but at least i had a flight to baltimore, and then a train ride home. by some miracle, when i got to the counter at 9:15, they were able to get me on a direct flight to philly...leaving at 9:50. i immediately began sprinting through the airport, loaded down with my carryons. also, i'd been wearing the same outfit for more days than i care to admit, so my size 4 jeans on a size 2 girl were very stretched out and pretty much falling off of me, only adding the the spectacle, i'm sure.

but hey, i'm home! and already been to panera- now i just have to go to rita's!

{from last christmas}

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