23 December 2009

i love being home on the east coast where there's an actual art scene

fabulous day in nyc with my brother parker!

the original plan was the visit the wonderful rodney smith's studio, but due to unfortunate time constraints, that visit has to be rescheduled.

we were, however, able to visit the MET!!!!! you have no idea how happy this place makes me. i was in heaven. i saw pieces in the greek wing that i've written papers on. every room in the american stories exhibit had at least 3 {often more} pieces that i learned for tests. i was in overload! i did feel pretty awesome, though, knowing stuff other people didn't and pointing out really important works to my brother. so so so so so so so good!!!

{also, i know many of the pictures are little grainy. and that i look a little funny, because for whatever reason, i felt like i had to show parker how to work my camera each time. sorry bro! also, i'm not a harlot- i'm wearing a skin-colored tank top.}

chrysler building, william van allen, 1931. bam katie!

metropolitan kouros, 590-580 b.c. kind of a really big deal.

old market woman, 1st century a.d. may have made an appearance in a paper i wrote this one time.

why yes, i just took this meso art class.

charles demuth, the figure 5 in gold, 1928

love degas. and his ballet series. and his sketches of this series. soo much.

vincent van gogh, self portrait with straw hat, 1887

sigh. i just love this place. if i could marry a building...