09 December 2009

i swear i do work

ashley and i {as well as another intern} got to completely run the Christmas Lamb show, which is an exhibit of elementary schooler's Christmas art. we're just so grown up to be given such tasks, and we wanted to photograph ourselves with some of the art.
we love Jesus

an awkward baby merits awkward faces

so we ran into vern, the director of the museum, after we took pictures, and he proceeded to tell us how many women come to regret sending naked pictures of themselves over the internet to their husbands. since clearly we were taking naked pictures in the gallery? someone else important came in, so vern told us to act natural. this is how i acted.

tiny things for our art detective kits we're creating

at a craft store looking for stuff for our project.

i love my internship and the people i work with.

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