31 July 2009

apparently i don't speak english

So you know how you can click "next blog" at the top and it brings you to some other random blog? I think it's a cool idea- you could potentially stumble upon some really cool blogs/people. Unless you're me, that is, because all I get are ones that are in some Asian language or Arabic or something. AKA languages I don't speak.

from paper tissue

i imagine this is what it feels like

....to be several months pregnant. I just ate about a bajillion baskets of chips and salsa at Chili's and then a strawberry milkshake. Ooooh mannn.

But sooo delicious.

30 July 2009

even more mail!

The shirt I ordered came in today! Man, I love retail therapy!
{in case ya didn't know, I did a lil shopping over the weekend when I was sad about my brother}
But this is the last of my online orders for a while. Because I'm unemployed.

29 July 2009

other mail!

In other news,
I got the headband and necklace I ordered in the mail today, too!

yay for mail!

I FIANLLY got a letter from Sam!!!!
*insert giant smiley face here*

par Rodney Smith

28 July 2009

sunrise study sesh

par Rodney Smith

I got up relatively early today to study, and I was able to catch a little of the sunrise while I was eating breakfast :)
I love love that time of day, when no one else is awake and you can just appreciate the beauty of this earth. If only I hadn't needed to study...


par Cig Harvey

... I just want to s c r e a m.

27 July 2009

Philly MOA

How I love/miss this place.

26 July 2009

Sometimes, Provo Just Don't Cut It

How on earth am I supposed to study when all I want to do is get out of Provo and TRAVEL?!
It doesn't help that my British friend is back in England for the summer and posting all sorts of marvelous pictures. It's hard to forget how much I really want to live abroad permanently {only a year until I graduate and am free!} with distractions like these:

proper photo credits to Ben McKee

Ugh. I just need to get out.

Bocce Ball!

Tonight I played Bocce Ball for the first time! I've always wanted to play, so I was excited when my date said that it was part of the night's activities. Excited, but nervous, too, since my hand-eye coordination is about zero. And even though I was far from winning (we played until someone got to 10, and everyone else got at least to 7), I was proud of the fact that I won 3 rounds! Go me!

Jannifer, why you always gotta be beating me?

This happened fo' realz. Aaron is that good.

25 July 2009

Gettin' Crafty

Today was a much needed great day!

Stephanie and I have both been dying to do something, so we decided to do an art project! While we were out shopping a few weeks ago, we saw some really cool looking wood block initials/letters things at Urban Outfitters. But since we're cool, we decided to make them on our own! So after a quick trip to Michael's to get the letters and paper to decorate them with, we set to work. After painting, tracing, cutting, modge-podging, and hardware-store-tripping, our projects were complete!

And to make it better, 2 of our 3 favorite songs came on back-to-back on the radio!

A shout out to Crosby for driving me all the way up to Salt Lake to pick up Walter (my Jetta) and to my dad for taking us all to ice cream (yum!!)

23 July 2009

Uh Oh...

...it's happened. I found a pop song by a country artist that I like.

Parker would be happy to know that it's a Taylor Swift song.
"You Belong With Me"

and I bought it

22 July 2009

The Real Farewell

My little brother Sam went into the Missionary Training Center today. He's serving in the Philippines Cauayan Mission {it's weird to use the present tense}. In case someone in the world somehow didn't know, I'm really close to Sam. He's my best friend. I don't know anyone else who is able to accept me just for who I am quite like he does. That's not to say that we always get along, but we do always love each other. It feels like I'm missing half of myself. I know he's doing the right thing, but it still is and will be really really hard for me. So if I start crying for any reason, you know why.

I miss him so much.


Today my dad described me as effervescent {adj: to show liveliness or exhilaration}

par Rodney Smith

I think it fits :)

21 July 2009

Music Cravings

Colbie Caillat, Fallin' For You
Parachute, She is Love
Ben Harper, Waiting on An Angel
Joseph Arthur, Honey and the Moon

20 July 2009

Quel Jour

I'm so bloody tired.
I cried a lot after picking up Sam from the airport- he's already set apart and goes into the MTC on Wednesday.
I got pulled over for the first time- no ticket, no warning. Apparently I couldn't pull a U-ie.

On the plus side, dinner was delicious.

19 July 2009

We Go To Concerts For The Pre-Show

Tonight was The Fray concert, and a bunch of us from the ward went. But not for said headlining band. We went for the opening act, Jack's Mannequin. Even though I don't know most of their stuff {although I recognized more songs than I thought I would, and even knew some of the lyrics}, I had a lot of fun!

Aaron's brother wasn't able to make it, so Shannon was able to come instead!

Some of the ladies- Jannifer, Shannon, me, Stephanie, and Karli. My friends are so beautiful!
{note- I am wearing my new nailpolish!}

Me with 3 of the fine gentlemen of 208- Aaron, Sean, and Brandon. Apparently 2 of them don't do normal faces...

The group!

Also, Hailey took me on my first scooter ride today! I loved it so much more than I thought possible!!

18 July 2009

You Don't Know Jacques

I'm in love with the new nailpolish I bought yesterday, OPI's You Don't Know Jacques!

It's that perfect shade of gray I've been looking for. Here it is featured in an ad:

Joe says the color weirds him out. Joe is dumb.

17 July 2009

Harry Potter

I finally saw Harry Potter yesterday! I wanted to go the midnight release, but alas, it sold out and I was leaving for CA in the morning. I LOVED IT! Not that that's a shocker or anything, seeing as how I love all things Harry Potter. I cried several times. Oh Dumbledore. Favorite part=when Harry is on Liquid Luck..."And the pincers I reckon (moves fingers up and down)"

I'm such a nerd.

16 July 2009


So I just got back from my first trip to California, and it was so much fun! I was there for less than 24 hours to hang out with my friend Tom who is there selling food storage for the summer. It was a day full of adventures!

Tom picked me up from the airport and we went to Old Sacramento. It's this super quaint area of the city that's full of old western buildings and random fun little stores. There was an entire store devoted to socks, a couple to hats, and a plethora of candy shoppes (not that I'm complaining!). This one candy store even let you eat as much taffy as you wanted in the store. Needless to say, we were both pretty sick afterwords.

Next it was off the the zoo! We got there with only an hour and a half left, which actually ended up being a perfect amount of time. It wasn't a very big zoo. But the red panda and the lemurs were pretty cool!

Dad was in Sacramento, too (he does tons of business there), and he took us out to dinner- always a plus when someone else pays, especially when you're a poor college student.

Tom and I then hung out in the city for the next couple of hours. We walked to this beautiful park with lots of gorgeous flowers and an incredible view of the capitol building. The city is absolutely beautiful. At one point we found this awesome bridge over some river, so we got out of the car and walked across it. I kind of felt like "It's a Wonderful Life"...without the suicide wish.

Anyway, the whole trip was tons of fun. I had to get up early today to catch a flight out, but oh well. Yay California!

15 July 2009

White MLIA

I found this particular MLIA to be hysterical. Probably because I view myself as being white only on the outside, too.

''Today, I was listening to rap/hip-hop in my car and I am white. When I pulled up to a stoplight, a car full of black guys heard my music. They were listening to the same station. They nodded in approval. I felt accepted. MLIA''

14 July 2009


Thanks for Parker for introducing me to this funny website!

photo credits belong to cig harvey

13 July 2009

Heilbron: The Streets

I loved loved being home this weekend :) I have the best family ever. Sorry guys, mine beats yours.

I got in to PA at 1 in the morning Thursday night. I woke up Friday and got my new license. Can I just say how cool I feel now that I have an adult horizontal license, and not a vertical minor's license? Because I do feel really cool. Paige and I took fake license pictures for fun.

We also went to my FAVORITE place {one of many favorite places that I have} in the world: Rita's Water Ice. It is SO SO delish. All of you non-PA-ians have no idea what you're missing. I tried the newest flavor {pineapple} and it was pretty much like heaven.

While we were at Rita's I jumped through some bushes that I later realized were rose bushes to get a picture with the "Media" sign. But when people ask how I scratched up my legs, I just tell them that I got into a street fight. I'm from the hood.

Here are some other pictures Paige and I took.

Friday night I hung out with my friend Madeline, which is the first time I've hung out with anyone from high school since graduation. We had so much fun! We made a French movie a la AP Francais V, crawled through a tunnel by the creek, and walked down to South visit Jeff Walker. Apparently he's at Duke for the summer, but when we rang on the doorbell at 10pm and his mom answered, she was actually on the phone with him so that was pretty awesome!

Saturday morning was family portraits! We're pretty much models. I'm so glad we got new ones since I was definitely 16 and awkward and didn't take care of my appearance at all yet, and I don't look like how I feel in the big picture hanging over the living room fire place.

Saturday night was Sam's grad/farewell party. I socialized a little bit, but there wasn't really anyone I was close with, so I went downstairs and watched The Holiday on TV and painted my nails.

Sunday was Sam's farewell. I bawled like a baby. Of course. I just love him so much and am going to miss him tons. He did a great job, even though his 20 minute talk got cut down to about 8 since the woman before him took half a bloody hour.

And now I'm back in hot Provo.