31 August 2009

back to school- day 1 report

so i'm a senior!! {as i've said before, and will surely say many more times. i apologize in advance for the annoyance it will surely become, but c'mon. i've waited a long time. i've paid my dues}

had my history class {history of the family in europe} and food prep today.
i'm wayyy stoked to be making food. for school. because i eat. all the time. but who in provo doesn't know that?
history i was a little nervous for {i've never taken a history class before}, but it should be pretty awesome.

and now i'm more worn out that i have any right to be after a first day of school.

farewell to summer

goodbye, summer.

it's been one of my best. so many adventures. so many memories.

but, alas, you have to end.

and with that, i guess the only thing left to do is welcome the school year.

i'm {finally} a seniorrrr!

{from papertissue}

but still...must it end?

30 August 2009

office dream

phyllis from the office was in my dream last night.

why, out of all the characters on the show, would i dream about her, you ask?

i'm just as clueless as you are.

back to school- clothes

thanks ma and pa for the new clothes!

{from downeastbasics}

29 August 2009

park city gallery stroll

tonight i went to park city gallery stroll with some of my artsy/artist friends. it was a b-b-b-blast! definitely much better than provo's.

a shady tunnel on the way to main street

highlights of the day:

*seeing some great art

*tons delicious of free hors d'oeuvres

*chocolate {thank you laura's mom!}

*thinking we were lost, turning around, and then realizing we were right the first time

*getting pulled over for a suspected DUI...I just have a tendency to drive on those ridgy things.

27 August 2009


this one goes out to my best friend haylie.

in case you didn't know, she is amazing. really. if i weren't best friends with her, i'd have to hate her because she is so talented at basically everything she tries- sports, food, art, music, etc. and even though she has endured more than her fair share of trials, she is so caring and generous. not to mention b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. i don't know how i was able to find such an incredible friend who is always there for me.

idaho is lucky to have her.

{sorry gentlemen, she's taken}


just got back from a back massage at acaydia.

it was so good.

26 August 2009

trash art

check these out: artists using trash {namely fast food bags and straws} to make art- it's way cooler than it sounds.

Originally uploaded by handshakes&heartache

cinnamon challenge

in case anyone was wondering, the cinnamon challenge {you know, the one where it's supposedly impossible to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon} is, indeed, impossible.

tara and i were both saying we thought we could do it, that it would be super easy, and of course the boys wanted to see us try. so after we got back from salt lake/the zoo, we rose to the challenge in an attempt to prove our superior skills.

see for yourself.

25 August 2009

some sexy ladies in a photobooth

i loooove photobooth pictures!!


good day
good good day

24 August 2009

awkward family photos

why moustaches are a bad idea

thanks to parker for this link.

it's actually pretty funny that he sent it to me, since i'm always going on and on about how while some men are positively irresistible with facial hair, parker does not fall into that category.

23 August 2009

hogle zoo

yesterday, i went to the Hogle Zoo! i haven't been there in at least 10 years, if not longer. it was pretty sweet- there were so many cute baby animals, and we didn't spend too long there, which was nice. the only picture that i didn't get that i really wanted to was one drinking from the water fountains shaped like lions!

afterwords, we went to The Pie- only the most delicious pizza place eva...even if it is at the U.

oh my gosh. sooooo gooooood.

22 August 2009


Today, Jade, Amanda, and I went to Lagoon! It's only a place that holds many dear childhood memories for me. That, and lots of fun rides! It was super hot, which wasn't so fun, and the lines for the water rides were long {but worth the wait}; other than that, it was a blast! It was great to get more than 3 exits out of Provo.

Some shots on the train. Yes, this ride is intended for 3-year-olds.

the conductor was really attentive.

THE SWINGS!!! Always a fave!

^love this shot :)

The last ride of the day was also one of my favorites (tied with the swings)- the merry-go-round!!

meet my steed- Almond.

21 August 2009


I've been having really weird dreams of late. Like, weirder than normal. My friend Lindsay's been having weird dreams too- I'm starting to wonder if it's a "spent-a-good-part-of-your-youth-in-the-Boston-area-and-now-live-in-Crestwood" thing.

20 August 2009

circa 1950s

some amusing ads from the fifties

^this one's a fav