30 September 2009

when did it get to be the last day of september??

also, yay for rain! i didn't mind it waking me up in the night.
so long as it doesn't turn into snow...

{image from flickr}

29 September 2009

you've got to be kidding me

seriously? there are so many reasons why i'm shocked that what just happened a] even happened at all b] happened today.

28 September 2009

stake carnival

tonight was the annual stake carnival fhe. there were supposed to be hot air balloons, which i was s-u-p-e-r excited for, but apparently they tore? i was really upset when i found out, seeing as how i'd been looking forward to riding in them since this summer.
despite the loss, i had a lot of fun! i have such awesome friends.

{also, i'm wearing one of my new headbands that i love from navyperl. seriously, check them out- they're so cute. the headbands and the girls who sell them.}

we were one of the first ones in line for dinner {of course}. the court jester {?} came and sat next to stephanie. luckyyyy.

we then waited in line to got our fortunes told {complete with garfield cards}!! Let's just say I'm going to be doubly lucky in love.

looks like stephanie had a good fortune ;)

of course we played on the playground for a little bit:

some pictures with some of my other awesome friends!

hot air balloons will have to be for a future day then...


so the name of this post is supposed to be read in a slightly higher than normal pitch, like when you do/say something and proclaim "psych!" after doing/saying it.

with that out of the way, i just want to say that i love the tv show psych.
it's hysterical.
and i have a bit of a celebrity crush on the character shawn spencer. is that such a crime?

ps- i am so so excited for fhe tonight- there's gonna be hot air balloons!!

27 September 2009

stuff byu people like

check out this funny blog; it's still pretty new so you can catch up easily.

it's all so funny because it's all so true.

26 September 2009

2 things

i want:

these shoes:

this picture:

{courtesy of tretorn shoes}

mm mm good

thanks to my friends jannifer {who was in town from slc!} and karli for bringing me some chicken noodle soup and yumo bread because i'm not feeling well!

{from flickr}
dreams when you're sick are the weirdest.
for example:

last night i dreamed it was my wedding day. i'd had no part in the planning- my mother and my 2 roommates shannon and lisa had taken care of everything. in fact, i couldn't even tell you who the groom was. i remember it was disastrous- i was getting married in utah {not d.c.}, had a choice of a purple or a yellow wedding dress, the carpet at the location was gross {i remember that it wouldn't coordinate with the flower girls' dresses for some reason}, and we kept getting lost.
hopefully things will be much better when i do get married for real. knowing who i'm marrying would be nice, too.

{from babysitting one summer. no, i did not choose to do this on my own- the kids told me i was getting married that day when i came over}

25 September 2009

pulp non-fiction

so i've been feeling slightly under the weather the past few days. nothing major, but i went out and bought some oj to "pump those fluids" like my dear ol' {young} ma taught me to.
i've realized that one of the few things i actually prefer about living on my own and without a family is that i can buy high-pulp orange juice! i know what you pulp-free fans are thinking: "who wants to chew their orange juice?" all i have to say is i don't like orange drink {all you pa-ians get my wawa reference}

{from flickr}

can't sleep

i woke up an hour ago {4 am} hungry, thirsty, and with chapped lips.

so i ate half a {huge} box of cheerios, had a drink, loaded up on blistex complete moisture {the best chapstick}, and watched some tivo.

i'm definitely tired, have to be up in 4 hours, and can't sleep.


{image from flickr}

24 September 2009

met the nicest kid today {from oregon, was going home to take a nap, has been on a cruise}.

picked him up as he was walking in the parking lot and drove him to his car.

the things i'll do for a parking spot in a full lot.

23 September 2009

wednesday is for museums and food

it's wednesday, which means a post about me raving about how much i l o v e my internship.

today, we got free {delicious} greek food at some catered dinner they were having! i'm kind of super in love with greece, so this was super exciting! and ever since reading my friend jannifer's post, i've just been dying for baklava. let's just say that it did not disappoint.

i think i've been fed most every week. how could i not love it there? {especially if you know me and food...}

another letter

dear designers of the world,


something else i've been hunting for for {quite literally} y e a r s. and i've found it. and i'm trying to be all fiscally responsible. because i ain't got not job.
but i kid you not. i've been wanting a backpack just like this for ages. and ages. and ages.
so thank you for making one.
but no thanks for making it now.

all my love



22 September 2009

happy autumn!

today is the first day of my favorite season: autumn!

it's also the time of year when i'm most homesick. because you haven't experienced autumn until you've been in the northeast. it's extra hard being away.

21 September 2009

yay for phone calls!

sam left for the philippines today :)/:( he got to call us from the airport :D

oh how i love him.

oh how i miss him.

i'm such a cry baby.

a letter

dear j.crew,
on behalf of my sanity, i ask that you stop creating lust-worthy clothing while i am still a poor, unemployed college student. it would make my life that much easier. could you try to make ugly things for the next little while?

all my love,


p.s.- that goes for you, too, anthro, urban outfitters, etc.

p.p.s.- you can still keep making these...
. . .

20 September 2009

i carry your heart with me by e e cummimngs

i actually heard this poem when i was watching "in her shoes" last night, and thought it was really beautiful

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

{photo by john goodman}

chris merritt music @ velour

lili called me up tonight and we went to velour music to see chris merritt perform. he's a singer from virginia, and even though i'd never heard his music, i had heard of him. he was way good- definitely worth it. you should all check out his music. and, he had these homemade cds made by his mother- it was a really funny story. limited edition babyy.

opening up for him was jennifer blosil. she was actually really good. imagine a 17-year-old adele meets regina spektor with {white girl} corrine bailey rae hair. despite the fact that all of her high school friends were there being high schoolers, she really was amazing. she doesn't have a website or anything, or else i'd link ya.

19 September 2009

slc gallery stroll & crepes

last night i went to gallery stroll in slc with my friend laura! we only went to two places because we, being the really cool seniors that we are, tagged along with our friend aundrea and her freshmen academy group that she's a peer mentor for. it was really fun and the weather was ridiculously beautiful. we went to finch lane gallery and then to art access.

laura just bought a scooter earlier that day, so this painting was very appropriate!

even though we filled up on all the hors d'ouevres, we decided to stop at maestro's in provo on the way back {like i mentioned in last night's post}. but seriously, so good. my friend served his mission in italy and helped his friend open it a while back, and i can not stop raving about it! {soapbox moment: it's crEpe, people. not crApe. i don't know why people in utah insist on pronouncing it that way. [and i'm not just hating on utah- i just haven't heard it said like that anywhere else] i'm not expecting perfect french pronunciation, but seriously, it's an 'e' not an 'a.' it makes my ears hurt when people say it that way. the end.}

if you thinks this looks divine, just wait until you taste it!


baked goods.



i went to maestro's tonight after gallery stroll in slc with my friend laura {pictures to follow}.

lemon sugar crepe + yogurt gelato = pure happiness

18 September 2009

monopoly in wartime

so apparently monopoly was used to help POWs escape in WWII...check it out:

Monopoly's Hidden Maps Help World War II POWs Escape - ABC News

good scents

certain smells bring me back to high school. strangely, i don't mind. it makes me a little nostaligic.

17 September 2009

oooh my feet

6 hours on my feet, setting up tables and chairs, moving countless {heavy} podiums, directing people to classes, taking pictures of speakers, setting up refreshments, collecting papers from people, grabbing us museum workers dinner from down the street, taking everything down.

i love it.

{image from flickr}

16 September 2009

used love

this was on the inside cover of one of my used books for my meso art class:

i'm not gonna lie- it was the reason i bought this copy.

best of luck, alejandra and jane.