31 October 2009

yoga report and pumpkin pancakes!

i tried the it's yoga studio this morning and i loved it! very friendly beginner's class. i feel so rejuvenated! unlike the rest of my family, i'm not very athletic, and i don't get much physical activity {other than the 20 mile walk to campus from the closest parking lot} and am not in the best shape {considering all the heart problems in my family, this has been a concern}. also, i'm not very flexible, and anyone who has seen me attempt to walk knows that i have about 0 balance. i can tell from one class that i'm definitely going to improve in all categories. i'm super excited to track my progression!

alsooo, trader joe's pumpkin pancakes? yeah, they're delicious!

30 October 2009

for once, being an art history major isn't a good thing

only because it's making writing a regular history paper so hard! i keep wanting to go more in depth, but this historiography won't allow me.

and, on another note, i'm trying out this one yoga studio tomorrow- i'll let you know what i think!

{above image courtesy of norman parkinson}

29 October 2009

yoga help

i've decided that i want to take up yoga. i need that hour or two a week to just relax, focus on something that i want to do, and get flexible all at the same time. oh, and be cool, too.

trouble is, when i google-searched places to do yoga in the provo/orem area, not too much came up. but i know that there are places to go.

anyone know of any?

28 October 2009

i love surprise visits!

another museum day. i left earlier than normal- i'm working on a project with another girl, and she was leaving so i pretty much had no choice. good thing i dilly-dallied a little bit, because i had a surprise visit! my cousin mike and his wife amanda {i just met her on friday and she is perfectly lovely!} live two blocks away from the museum and were coming in to pay a visit just as i was gathering my stuff to go! oh i love love them!

side note:
i've been scoping out exhibits to go see over break, and i can't wait to see some great ones at the met {
Looking In: Robert Frank's The Americans; Surface Tension: Contemporary Photographs from the Collection; the Mary and Michael Jaharis Galleries for Byzantine Art and the Medieval Europe Gallery-- this will be especially great since i'm taking byzantine art right now; and New Greek and Roman Galleries- one of my favorite time periods} and the philly museum {Frederick Sommer Photographs; Arshile Gorky in Context}
it's gonna be great!

oh happy day

OUR HEATER IS WORKING AGAIN! after approximately 394883745612 lifetimes of being broken {which equates to something like at least 2 weeks} i no longer feel like a snowman!!!

i'm so happy i could do this:

ok, that was a lie. i could never do that. but i feel like i could!
{ps- what a showoff. ok, you're right. i'm just jealous. i admit it}

{par rodney smith}

27 October 2009

snow, shoes, etc

so suppossedly it's snowed a few times already this month, but i've refused to acknowledge it since i haven't seen it. but today i had no choice but to recognize it, since i walked to class in it and what not. boo on snow.
{disclaimer: don't take this as i hate snow, all you snow lovers. mostly, i hate that it snows so bloody early in utah, and it doesn't end until may. and i don't like walking to class from a parking spot 5 miles away in it either.}

i also got a new pair of shoes! i need{ed} new black and brown flats- found a pair of black so mission 1/2 accomplished.

and as a side note, yes, i do fall for the same tricks over and over. and then wonder why i'm so disappointed. it's halloween- since i've got my tricks, when do the treats show up?

26 October 2009

laura ljungkvist illustration

had more than a few faves. enjoy.

i'll probably delete this in the morning

{content deleted}

blah blah blah

25 October 2009

yummo pizza

had some friends over for dinner and games tonight.

made a frozen pizza {i know, i'm in food prep, i should have cooked a real meal, but i was way too tired to}.

i just want to say how excited i am to have finally found a cheese-free frozen pizza, you know, because of the whole cheese-allergy/lactose intolerance thing. and on top of that, it's delicious!

24 October 2009

still no pictures from my mom yet {it's like she's traveling or something?}
so here's a preview from last night's party
when i saw that this machine could tell me my fortune simply by waving my hand over it twice, i knew there was no way i could pass up the opportunity

also, please excuse the bad hair day.

today i...

rocked my practicum

ate delicious authentic philippines food

got some c-c-cute new clothes {thanks!}

celebrated my grandpa's 90th birthday with family and it was fun

pictures to follow once my mom emails them to me

22 October 2009

art soothes me
thank goodness for that

21 October 2009

remember that summer i was actually tan? {that would be this summer- 1 of 2 times in my life i've been tan}

that was nice.

good job picasso

We all know that art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth. Pablo Picasso