30 November 2009

so you know what's not fun? a broken heater.

seriously. our heater is dysfunctional. throughout the day i always have to reset it because it always reverts back to its manufacturer's settings, which are much colder than where we want it. annoying, yes, but not too big of a deal during the day. what sucks is at night. when, i swear, it reverts right back as soon as i get in bed. and thus i can't fall asleep because i'm too cold. because really- what genius at the manufacturer's thought that anyone in any season would want it to be 60 bloody degrees when they're asleep???? it's positively miserable. miserable.

it's a good thing i don't need sleep. oh wait.


new calling: ward prayer co-chair.

could there be any more chill of a calling?

although i will miss doing fhe.

27 November 2009

still thankful a day later

thanksgiving was a great as ever yesterday!

after dropping my roommate off at the airport, i just went straight to my gramma's and got there 3 hours before dinner was scheduled to start. so i got to spend the interim helping her cook and learn all of her masterful ways. it was pretty rad!

everyone showed up, and it was time to eat the delicious food! yes, i still got shoved to the kids table off in the side room. after all, i'm a single grandchild so i can't sit at the table with the cousins who aren't in middle/high school... don't worry, i consoled my self with pumpkin pie. mmm.
i really wish i could remember what they were talking about...look at those faces mike and becky are giving him.
my cute cousin dj! a lot of people know him here at the y, and i tell you, it makes me more friends.

tanner will be 16 in a year, ladies....
my cousin amy's cute little girl sophie

then we {parker, his roommate, and i} went to our uncle randy's house to hang out and make gingerbread houses! it's always crazy fun there- randy's got 12 kids, all married, and 11 have children {ranging in age from a few months to a freshman in college}. everyone was running around everywhere {probably my fault, seeing as how i was chasing the kids...}.

so gingerbread house making is pretty much an art form at randy and julie's- they make them every year, and it shows. the 5 year olds were making these amazing houses. i've only had the past 3 years to learn, and my houses have progressively been getting better. this year, jessica {my cousin greg's awesome 16 year old daughter} and i teamed up to make our awesome gingerbread house. it was so flyyy.

winner material

recap video

25 November 2009

having a roommate who is a hairdresser is a marvelous thing

chopped off 3 inches of my locks today. i know you can't really tell by the pictures, but i promise it is significantly shorter. it was a lot easier to get all my hair into the frame in the 2nd picture.

thanks, lisa! you're the best!

24 November 2009

fhe activity

so you know that game where you write a sentence, pass it on and the next person draws a picture and then folds back the sentence, passes it on to someone who has to write a sentence based on the picture, etc? did that even make sense? well, that's what we did at fhe last night. and a fair number of them ended up being about me. not that i mind the attention.

i like how i turned into "the girl from the ring."

23 November 2009

so apparently this week's posts are all going to be geared towards things i'm thankful for. i promise, it's not just because it's thanksgiving this week- i just happen to be extra grateful i guess.

well, here's something else i'm eternally grateful for:

my friend stephanie. she's one of my bests, and i just love her. i don't think i am able to put into words how much she means to me. i remember early on in our friendship, stephanie said it felt like we knew each other before we even came to this earth. and you know what? i have a suspicion that she's right.


continued from yesterday:

7. emails from my missionary brother, especially the individual one he writes just for me. whose day wouldn't be made by this?:
Ah! I cannot think of how to tell you how much i love you!

22 November 2009

things i love

1. art

2. my sister

3. that i'll be home this time next month!

4. sleep

5. braids & ribbon

6. that my new medicine isn't making me sick

*also, disliking that blogger is giving me so much trouble with my pictures in this post

21 November 2009

craisin love

so i had fun times at the museum hier, and then did fun things in slc with my artist friend aundrea. however, i somehow left my camera in drea's car {i was dead tired}, so you'll have to wait to hear the report until i get it back.

in the meantime,

i. love. craisins.
didn't like them until 2 summers ago when my friend rachel and i were snacking on them at our friend crosby's house {we all grew up together} and i fell in love.

that is all.

19 November 2009

17 November 2009

on a less stressful note...

i took a 45-minute break tonight and went to part of the AHA {art history association} dinner tonight with katie {yes, it really was at mags's parents' house}

in case you haven't picked up on it, katie and i are something of a dynamic duo. a set pair. you rarely see one without the other on campus.

tonight, we met our mini-me's. they're sophomores, brand new to the program. i don't remember their names, but they are just. like. us. it's kind of cool/weird. but mostly cool knowing that our "legacy" will continue.

yeah, so, college is hard.

which is frustrating, because for most of my life, school was a breeze. easy. i always felt really smart. now i just feel like an idiot most days. i'm just shoved so much information, it's overwhelming. see, it's frustrating because i know i'm not an idiot, but as my college education draws to an end, i feel more stupid than when i began. at some point, classroom learning just became really difficult for me. put me in a one-on-one setting, give me some purposeful goal, and i'm great. really great. like at the museum- i was scared to start since i had never really done anything like that before. and i'm really good at it. i can get things done-done well- and i learn a lot in the process. learning is so much more natural, more organic in these kinds of settings. essentially, i learn better when i don't realize i'm learning {a statement that true in many aspects of my life}. it's particularly frustrating because i've always had these really big dreams, and as they get closer- i can almost taste them- it's disheartening because i know that my transcript doesn't reflect my intelligence. my work ethic. my willingness to be taught and learn. and now i just feel them slipping away. yet again.

i've had some people mistakingly tell me that i always get what i want. after all, i'm a genuinely happy person most of the time, so that must mean that everything goes my way, right? wrong. i feel like i can never seem to get those things i most crave, that i, with the best of intentions, inadvertedly screw things up. a wise man once told me that those with the most home runs also have the highest strike out rates. i feel like i've reached the high strike out rate- when do my home runs show up?


i have all sorts of theories for why this could be. growing up, i always read for pleasure. i had a book with me at all times. in them were the friends i didn't have in real life. i was also incredibly involved in music. despite all the tearing down i in experienced in music, i was still passionate about it. it was my kefi. now, though, things are different. i have no time to read what i want to read because i'm busy doing school work. and actually having friends- i have a social life now for the first time. i can remember going out once with school "friends" in high school. i don't do anything with music anymore. i'm resigned to cringing as the pianest can't keep a steady beat at church. this past sunday i led the music in relief society and ward prayer, something i've done plenty of times before. but for some reason, this time, it felt different. i let myself realize how much i've missed that. so much. losing that was like losing a huge part of myself.

it's hard to be motivated, to be passionate, in university because i feel like i don't ever get any positive reinforcment. i know what i do wrong. trust me, i know what i do wrong. i don't need someone to tell me that. but i do need someone to encourage me, to build me and give me the self-esteem. i feel attacked from all sides- either a friend always has to put me down, or another girl has to be disappointed with her grades that are always straight a's, or i'm really intimidated by my professors. it's exhausting. which brings up another point- i'm always so tired. so tired. i hardly have the energy.

anyway, those are my thoughts. i can't wait to graduate in april. provided i don't fail out first.

16 November 2009

magnificent meal

today was the big project of the semester in food prep- our magnificent meal! we planned it all, had to come in under a certain budget, and set up/decorate la table. ours turned out amazing: cranberry ginger ale, apple cranberry salad, chicken tuscany, roasted carrots and potatoes, with chocolate pavlova for dessert.

from the code of conduct for a certain university:

The Garden is for quiet study and relaxation; the rules for its use by students are intended to preserve its atmosphere and appearance. Dress: please wear the normal amount of clothes and behave decorously.
{emphasis added}


15 November 2009

don't mistake happiness for naivete.

14 November 2009

apparently i haven't learned my lesson in patience

please reference this post.

and also, it's hard to be patient when you aren't sure what the outcome will be once the time to be patient has expired. where's my crystal ball?

13 November 2009

i've got a problem

so, as cliche as this is, i'm just going to say it. my conference issue of the ensign came in the mail recently and i've been addicted ever since. like, a-ddicted. and to my scriptures, too. seriously.
good side: learning lots of good things; drawing nearer unto Christ; it also happens to be the only thing that can get rid of all the knots i've had in my stomach of late.
bad side: i'm seriously neglecting my school work.

other eventful news: not only did i eat sushi for the first time on wednesday night, i also made it. so yeah, if you're impressed, that's totally alright.

after rolling, before cutting. it was a lot more impressive after being cut, i just didn't get a picture.

feeling a little r e s t l e s s

12 November 2009

photobooth with katie

love the maya art reference on the bottom right. neeerrrdsss.

dude, i'm famous!

that's me, on the right!!! apparently i was on the front page of the sunday life & people section of the daily herald! SO COOL!!!!

confession: we knew there was a photographer. we were told to take off our name tags and look through the exhibit. and now i'm famous!

nice hair tossle, i know.

11 November 2009


katie and i always have all our art history classes together. on tuesday/thursdays we have an hour break between byzart and meso, so we find various things to do to fill the time. and by various, i mean we do the exact same things every time. so i had the genius idea to document our hour on a disposable camera. it was way fun! especially when we asked complete strangers to take pictures of us.

we go to the hfac and reprimand the advisement center when they make mistakes

we run into friends on campus
we hang out in the cougar eat and decide what to eat. we try to get pictures of us texting and fail. we also watch the freshman hit on other girls...looks like he's moved on.
we peruse the candy counter
we read magazines
we go to the library, facebook stalk hotties, and run into more friends
we hang out behind the library before class
finally, we actually go to class