31 December 2009

i get really creeped out when people write their blogs from the perspective of their babies and young children.

i'm back!

i sat in the emergency exit row for the first time.

i had so much leg room i didn't know what to do with myself!

and yay for my luggage arriving with me!

28 December 2009

backyard photoshoot

barren trees are so mysterious and romantic.

just imagine all these trees in the springtime.
yeah, i live in eden.

27 December 2009

little letter

thank you for composing the pride & prejudice soundtrack. if my life story could be summed up in music, i would want it to sound just like this.



i'm in a norah jones kinda mood

i can't embed the video, but click the picture to be linked to it.

hot chocolate, gingerbread houses, snuggies, and sisters

drank the most delish homemade hot chocolate ever! {tasted like chocolate chip banana bread}

continued paige and sam's tradition of making a gingerbread house that falls apart.
since sam obviously couldn't be here this year, mom and i filled in and made a "no boys allowed" house

and paige has a leopard print snuggie {!}

oh, and paige is cute.

25 December 2009

a Christmas to remember

i hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, indeed!

i knew this year would be a small Christmas, what with the whole "going-to-cambridge-this-summer" thing. i did, however, get a very unexpected {but very welcomed} gift. my dad was telling me that the frequent fliers would only let me fly out a week early for cambridge, so i immediately started racking my brain for places i could stay that week- uncle richard and aunt amy were mission presidents in england and might know someone i could stay with; naomi is from london; ben is from england, too. that's when he hit me with this: "i'll guess we'll just have to spend that week in paris."


i literally started crying. how do i explain how i n c r e d i b l e this is for me? my dad served his mission in paris, so i've always grown up hearing about it. it was the first foreign destination i wanted to go to, although it didn't really seem "foreign" because of all the talk of it in my house and all the french stuff my dad always brings back for us. i took 8 years of french in school, and we speak it a bit in my house. heck, my name is french. needless to say, when my brothers got to go {one of whom took spanish, aka not french}, i was remarkably jealous. and making it through an art history program as one of the few who hasn't been to paris {or most other european hotspots} is painfully hard. it's like i've been living my life for this moment.

so while cambridge is in the plans {bought plane tickets aujourd'hui}- and is happening unless a series of hypotheticals occurs- paris is a definite!!!! j'aime la vie! for many reasons.

i also want to express how grateful i am for this holiday. while giving and getting gifts is great, i love that there is a day set aside for the specific purpose of celebrating the day the Savior came into the world. without His birth and His life, all the things i get would mean nothing. His birth is truly the greatest gift of all.

23 December 2009

christmas video

my former fhe daughters are the best:

so i was an fhe "mom" for a year, right? in the course of that time, i had 3 "husbands."
well, in my dream last night, all of my "ex-husbands" came to visit me. at the same time. the one who is now married in real life even brought his wife.


i love being home on the east coast where there's an actual art scene

fabulous day in nyc with my brother parker!

the original plan was the visit the wonderful rodney smith's studio, but due to unfortunate time constraints, that visit has to be rescheduled.

we were, however, able to visit the MET!!!!! you have no idea how happy this place makes me. i was in heaven. i saw pieces in the greek wing that i've written papers on. every room in the american stories exhibit had at least 3 {often more} pieces that i learned for tests. i was in overload! i did feel pretty awesome, though, knowing stuff other people didn't and pointing out really important works to my brother. so so so so so so so good!!!

{also, i know many of the pictures are little grainy. and that i look a little funny, because for whatever reason, i felt like i had to show parker how to work my camera each time. sorry bro! also, i'm not a harlot- i'm wearing a skin-colored tank top.}

chrysler building, william van allen, 1931. bam katie!

metropolitan kouros, 590-580 b.c. kind of a really big deal.

old market woman, 1st century a.d. may have made an appearance in a paper i wrote this one time.

why yes, i just took this meso art class.

charles demuth, the figure 5 in gold, 1928

love degas. and his ballet series. and his sketches of this series. soo much.

vincent van gogh, self portrait with straw hat, 1887

sigh. i just love this place. if i could marry a building...

21 December 2009

have i mentioned lately how good life is?

because it is :)

finally FINALLY home!

well, i'm finally home. i guess i got what i deserved, since whenever anyone asked if i had plans for when i got home, i just said i was going to have lots of adventures.

here's the deal:

i was supposed to leave saturday night, but the flight got cancelled. so as we were driving to the airport sunday morning, we get a call that that flight was cancelled, too, and weren't rebooked until tuesday. i was like, "nuh-uh sista, no way am i waiting until tuesday to go home." so i got booked on a flight to atlanta, then connect to pittsburgh, then take a train home. turns out all the trains were full {also, the trainstation is about an hour away from the pittsburgh airport}, so i stayed in atlanta. luckkkkillly, i have relatives in atlanta who were oh so kind enough to pick me up and let me stay at their house.
this morning, i went back the airport. my luggage still hadn't come in, but at least i had a flight to baltimore, and then a train ride home. by some miracle, when i got to the counter at 9:15, they were able to get me on a direct flight to philly...leaving at 9:50. i immediately began sprinting through the airport, loaded down with my carryons. also, i'd been wearing the same outfit for more days than i care to admit, so my size 4 jeans on a size 2 girl were very stretched out and pretty much falling off of me, only adding the the spectacle, i'm sure.

but hey, i'm home! and already been to panera- now i just have to go to rita's!

{from last christmas}

19 December 2009


i've been running on verrry little sleep all week, and it's caught up with me. i'm so exhausted, but i don't want to take a nap because i want to be able to fall asleep tonight- i have to get up much earlier than i want to for my flight in the morning {my apologies in advance to my family for how i'll look when i arrive. because it probably won't be very cute}

katie and i went to coffee pod today- it's the last time i'm going to see her for over 4 months :( the one good thing about being this fatigued is that i was too tired to feel sad, although i know it's going to hit me when i go to text her something funny, and i can't. or pretty much anytime next semester when she isn't there.

man, i look tired. but i just love this girl!