28 January 2010

art, men, and flowers

yesterday at the museum, we were trying to figure out how on earth we girls were going to be able to carry these huge canvases once we take down the john schaeffer victorian show {which will be a very sad day indeed}.  i suggested asking the football team since they have to do service hours anyway {and some of them are in my floral class...don't look so surprised- it is a great place to meet ladies afterall!}. ashley mentioned that she knew a lot of people on the rugby team, and i said i knew a few on the lacrosse team.

so of course i dreamed about the lacrosse and rugby teams last night. nothing sketchy- although it was a bit strange that they were just kinda roaming around this field of flowers...

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Beck Bee said...

hahaha i'm so glad I followed the link to this post.