19 January 2010

current likes:

einstein bagels playing led zeppelin.

that the guy at einstein spelled my name like this:

{seriously? with a 'k'? i can't resist the pun: way to go, einstein!}

how good i feel after going to the Temple.

that the Temple only took an hour instead of three.

breaking into my cousin's house and grabbing food {ok ok, it was unlocked, and it was only a handful of trailmix, but still. no one was home. i felt rebellious}

long drives up the canyon.

the mountains. seriously. i know i used to always say that they're just big slabs o' rock to me, but they've really grown on me a lot these past 4 years.  and actually being up in them and looking down on the valley or a lake is absolutely unreal. unreal. especially as the sun starts to set. honestly, it takes my breath away.

apple chicken salad on a croissant.  yummmo.