05 January 2010

God definitely has a hand in my life

so earlier today i was having a self-inflicted mini emotional crisis. i was getting in my own head about life, and disregarding certain things for a series of "what if"s and "this must mean"s. i was thinking about how incredibly patient i can be, but was getting frustrated because i also do need to know that my patience isn't for naught.

basically, i was being stupid.

seeing as how it's monday, fhe was tonight, and at our apartment as per normal. well, the person giving the lesson starts of by saying, "i'm using two talks from general authorities about patience."


i know, i know- i feel like this is the millionth post about patience, too. but seriously, what are the odds? for the few hours before fhe, i was wondering if everything was really worth being patient for {i knew it was worth it, but youknowwhatimean}. i was wondering if i should just quit and give up. so i find it quite reassuring that the lesson was about patience- it's given me the hope and confidence to continue to persevere. and i know that this doesn't mean things will necessarily work out like i'd want them to, but i do feel comforted.

maybe i'm being delusional, but i don't think i am.

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