16 January 2010

a movie and a post script

just watched the invention of lying with my beautiful friend janae.

i highly recommend it- not only is it way funny, it actually brings up some really good points and can make you think, too. so yeah, bonus!

ps- i promise i'm not melodramatic. while i am always incredibly honest on this blog {just like in real life}, there are still certain things that i don't share for the sake of privacy, both my own and other people's. as a result, i'm sure some things make me come off as some silly girl who overreacts.  i assure you this isn't the case {either in that some posts aren't as dramatic as they seem or that i'm really not overreacting}, although i can't blame you for thinking i'm crazy if you don't know the whole story behind things.
i hope that made sense- i got very little sleep last night.

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