26 January 2010

no photoediting required

we had our first floral design lab today!  and of course i loved it a lot! rebecca is in my section, which is awesome- it totally helps me feel more creative when i have a friend in class. as i was making my arrangement, the professor said, "that looks like a bridal bouquet! hold it up for everyone to see!" that was pretty rad. it looks less bouquet-ish in the pictures i have because the flowers aren't tied together or anything. 

also, i sat next to this cute european boy{from portugal, lived in france, switzerland, germany, and england. went to cambridge and gave me some pointers. going to med school.}  in lab who found me funny. score, right? until the whole "you're so funny- it's like being with my brothers!" thing. haha, i actually do think it's quite amusing. :) c'est la vie.


Karli Woolley said...

Let's see... rose, buttons, alstro, carns, daisies, statice, salal.

I'm good, I know :)

Of course it looks awesome. You should have said, "I would put 300 of these together in one day!"


Camille said...

yay! i was going to list them, but i wanted to see if anyone else knew them! you ARE amazing!

lisa came home today and was like, "oh! a medium bouquet! i made that!" haha

A "cheery" disposition said...

beautiful flowers. What are you going to school for that require flower arrangements? And I am all about some cute european boys haha don't tell my boyfriend.. jk

Camille said...

haha don't worry- your secret's safe with me ;)
i'm actually studying art history, so i'm just taking this class for fun. but it's nice to feel artistic myself!