14 January 2010

perfume help!

hello, readers! i need your help {again}!

so i love love love my current perfume- daisy by marc jacobs. it's great to wear during the day- i seriously feel naked if i forgot to put it on {i've been known to turn my car around and head back to my apartment on the days i forget it}.

however, i want a perfume for a night out.  something for when i'm feeling/want to feel sexy and irresistible. but not old womany{there's nothing sexy about that.}

any ideas? what is it that makes your favorite night perfume so special?


Eric Harker said...

I'm really surprised you didn't just contact me directly about this. As per your age and personality, Viktor Rolf's Flower Bomb would probably be a safe bet. Thierry Mugler's Angel Innocent is also a nice one you might enjoy with a sort of spring effect replacing the old woman chocolate and vanilla of the original Angel. Issey Miyake l'Eau par d'Issey is also excellent as well as Lolita Lompika. (Disclaimer: I have the men's equivalent to each of these, but I'm not necessarily hitting on you).

Camille said...

I actually did think of you, but I don't have your number to ask you! But seriously- you're the best! I'll definitely check those ones out.

jEsSicA said...

okay, here's mine. i like it because it's not a "red slinky dress" sexy, it more of a sporty sexy which i feel is the best kind of sexy. Adias moves for her. AH-FREAKING-MAZING! It's the only perfume i'll spend 20 bucks on. i have it if you wish to sample. ;) xoxo