17 February 2010

a theory

ohmygosh i seriously ran into everybody today. i kid you not.  i went to campus for less than two hours today.  if you factor out the time it took for my quiz, i was there about an hour and a half. and i ran into pretty much every boy ever.  seriously. i saw: ben/chris/christopher/dave/carson/brian/cameron/lane/caleb all in that time.  throw in actual conversations with half of those people plus the fact that i ran into some girls {alyssa/paige/margaret/laura}, and you can imagine how i felt. yes, incredibly popular. haha no, just more in shock.

the thing is, i've noticed that i always look or feel less than my best on days like this {for example, i was feeling sick this morning, thus didn't get too ready}.  on the days where i'm feeling really ridiculously good looking and actually want to be seen, i don't see anyone. i kid you not.

so here's my theory:

look horrible and run into friends
look hot and run into no one

interesting conundrum, eh?  because you don't want to look horrible and run into people you know, but you don't want to look good and have it go to waste.


The Kitch said...

I totally and fully agree with this theory. Happens to me every time I don't get ready while the days I feel awesome I can't not seem to find one soul that I know. Im glad im not alone in this hahaha

Jourdan said...

this. is. a. law. of. nature.