14 February 2010

Valentine's Day

happy valentine's day, everyone!

today is my favorite holiday! weird, i know. especially considering that i've never had a valentine.

but i just love it!  growing up, when i lived at home, i loved how my dad would always bring my mom home a huge bouquet of flowers. oftentimes, he would bring smaller bouquets for my sister and me, too.  one of my favorites was when we lived in jersey- i had to have been in 5th grade- and my dad gave me 8 nancy drew books for valentine's!

my freshman year of college was a particularly great valentine's, too.  i was really close with this apartment of 6 boys in my ward.  early in the afternoon {and right after i'd gotten out of the shower}, one them called me and told me to walk out my door and into the lobby of my dorm. i found a trail of hershey's kisses {in red and silver wrappers} that ended in a big heart, with a  vase full of pink tulips in the middle, complete with a cute note in french!!  i was so excited!! what sweeties :)

anyway, i mostly love valentine's day not because i've had some remarkable history of romantic successes, but because i love just sitting back and watching what everyone does for each other to show their love and their feelings.  when that day comes to actually be a valentine, i'm not sure if i'm going to know what to do, since i usually just observe from the sidelines!

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