27 March 2010

create your own iceberg

whilst at a party tonight, my guyfriend jeffrey and i both made some comment about the create-your-own-coupon at iceberg tonight, so we and our {new} friend stacey decided to go!  you had to draw your coupon, and i colored a buy one regular shake, get one free coupon {since, you know, once again being an art history major means i'm an artist}:
boy: i <3 you
girl: yeah, i'm only here for the food.

we got a grasshopper shake and a reese's/brownie/marshmallow one...yeah, that kind of tasted like old candy bar.

also, i later went to 5 guys and ate some fries.  throw in the doritos i had for breakfast, and i like really had a totally nutritious day.  at least i had bananas for lunch.

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