26 March 2010

definition of popularity:

three parties in one night. especially on a weeknight.
*disclaimer- not-so-good lighting creates not-so-good images.

first i had my friend ashley's bridal shower.  in case i haven't made it clear enough, i love ashley!! i'm super bummed that she doesn't intern at the museum any more- so many good times!  the decorations were really cute, the food was delicious, and all the other girls were really cool, too!  they did that whole "correctly-answer-the-questions-we-asked-the-groom" game, and i have never seen someone so good at it!  snaps, girl!

it was also traci's half-birthday tonight, so i stopped by that party for a few minutes.  i showed up with the only thing one could bring to half birthday party: a snickers bar and birthday card both cut in half!

my roommate paige's birthday is today!!  she had {or is currently having...the party's still going on but i'm working on homework because i'm lame. that's the antithesis of popularity}  lisa bought decorations, and she, pam, and i set those up.  happy birthday, paige!!  you're amazing!!

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