20 March 2010

go-karting, custard, and city views

tonight i went on this really fun, casual group date with my friend in the other ward in our apartment complex.

we started off going go-karting in slc! even though i'm not the greatest at it, it was still super fun!  i met my goal of not having to get help from one of the workers for getting stuck or something like that{which happened to one of the other girls}.  definitely had a blast!

then we went to nielsen's frozen custard in bountiful for burgers and custard. oh my cute and delicious!  --sidenote, i hear guy from the food network did an episode of diners, drive-ins, and dives there-- i got bumbleberry custard- i was intrigued by the name on the menu, and then found out that it's just strawberry and raspberry aka a heavenly pairing of flavors.  man, it was good. i ate so much. remind me not to eat until sunday.

one of the kids in the group served his mission in the area, and knew where all the apostles lived.  he wanted to show off to his date i'm sure, so we drove around and saw some of their homes.  totally one of those "you-know-you're-mormon-when" moments.  but  i'm not complaining too much because i got to see president uchtdorf's house! maybe it's wrong to have a favorite, but oh well. because he's mine.

all the houses were up in the mountains, and we had this amazing view of the city as we drove down.  seriously, i love cityscapes at night; they're just so unbelievably beautiful.  a small part of me thinks i shouldn't find such domination over nature beautiful, but the bigger part of me has my breath taken away by splendor of the sight.  growing up, we spent a few weeks in utah most summers, and one of my most vivid and favorite memories is driving down the mountain from a relative's house and suddenly seeing all the city lights.  even at that young age, i was enchanted by the twinkling christmas-like lights.

{not the city lights but i still liked the picture}


Lana Dawn said...

uhh... of course you would love that it was on triple d.

that is another reason to add to the list (that appears to get LONGER and LONGER every time i come to your blog) why i love you..

Liese said...

how fun! that reminds of LA where you get the star maps to see where they live. I guess this was the Mormon edition haha. P.S. Good to see you last week!