19 March 2010

henna at a bridal shower? ye-es puh-lease!

tonight was my friend madi's bridal shower, and it was a lot of fun!  i only knew 3 people {the bride and 2 other guests}, so i was worried that that might not be so cool, but everyone there was awesome!  one girl went to london last spring and we talked about that.

there was tons of delicious food- including chocolate fondue! yes, i spilled all over myself. are we even surprised, people?  i thought not.

of course there were games: my group of 3 took 2nd place in the toilet paper wedding dress game {losing only to the group consisting of madi's mom and her little cousin, so i'm pretty sure that was rigged}.  we even had a garter on our model!  i'm not sure if my cousin jessie reads this, but if she does, yes the veil was inspired by you!

the coolest thing about the shower was the henna!  i've never had henna done before, so i jumped on that opportunity.  i think it's SO cool looking- i love how it spreads from my thumb to my ring finger.  i only got one sealer coat {you know, that lemon sugar stuff}, so i don't know how long it will last. but woo i'm happy!
i had to take this picture on my phone with my left hand, which was quite the challenge. my fingers ended up looking a little chunky, but you get the picture.

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