02 March 2010

my guilty pleasure: the finale

ok, is anyone else as mad as i am about the bachelor?? did anybody even like vienna??  i'm so mad that he didn't pick tenley!  i took the rose that lisa gave me, tore the petals off, and threw them at the screen when he proposed to vienna.  looks like he likes trash instead of class.

i was rooting for tenley since the very first episode- i definitely related to her {awkwardly kissing a boy you really like without thinking about it, anyone?}.  my roommate was able to convince 2 of the boys in our fhe group to stay after and watch with 10 girls {ok, i guess it wasn't too hard with a ratio like that}, and their comments about how ridiculous vienna is/how tenley is just what any decent guy would want restored some hope in me.

bonus: brooke made delicious sugar cookies this week!
{angry flowers}

also, i'm thinking i'm going to have to go to austria so the word "vienna" doesn't leave a bad taste in my mouth. and celebrities who are named after cities tend to be scum.
and so excited for jason and molly's wedding next week!


Brooke said...

So that picture of me makes me look like I am about to whack someone with that rolling pin...watch out!

charlotte said...

I was surprised and temporarily sad when I realized I hadn't yet added you to my google reader, but no fear—that was quickly rectified. Now I can properly blog stalk you. But I'll comment, so that's a little better than lurking and reading.

Anyway...I think your Bachelor night is incredible and hilarious. Way to be.