24 March 2010

nightmares and small pleasures

i had the most horrible dream ever last night where my best friend's dad died unexpectedly {but don't worry- a hottie from high school-eric- was there, and if he was in utah, then he must be investigating the Church right?}  i texted annabelle right after i woke up and she reassured me that kev is still alive and well.

to make myself feel better, i thought i'd post some of the "101 small pleasures you can enjoy everyday" that i read online yesterday. i pretty much agree with every single one, so i'm just including a small sampling :)

the first daffodils of spring

window boxes

a handwritten letter

singing in the shower

playing hookey

street musicians

your favorite song

old fashioned photo booths

rainy afternoons

the funny things kids say

a novel you can get lost in

fresh herbs

spending an afternoon at a museum

green lights all the way home

holding hands

a great hair day with no effort


slow dancing

hot chocolate

old photographs

a spoonful of peanut butter straight from the jar


what are some of your favorite?

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charlotte said...

I loved this list so much I just had to post one of my own.