22 March 2010

wakeup call

dear upstairs neighbor,

hi.  i know we've never met, and you're new and all, but i would like to make a few kindly requests.
1: please don't play your flute {and at forte} and sing opera in the morning.  it wakes me up. i know it's 11:00, but i've been having an extremely difficult time falling asleep of late, and my few hours of shuteye are very  precious to me.
2: please stop dropping bricks and/or sumo wrestlers {i haven't decided which} on the floor late at night.  many times it's happened at that pivotal moment as i'm about to fall asleep. but no, the sudden BOOM starts me out of bed and then i'm up for ages. which contributes to request number one.
3: please don't slam your door so loudly. i know the doors stick {mine is notorious for it},  but it can be done more quietly.

i hope this doesn't get in the way of our friendship.  i sincerely wish you the best in your music and brick/sumo wrestler dropping careers.

kindest regards,

ps- i miss erica.


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Lindsay said...

ugh girl i feel your pain