10 April 2010

byu classes: the final day

so yesterday was pretty much the biggest day of my academic career ever. the culmination of my collegiate experience {at byu at least}. the reason i haven't been able to get any sleep in weeks.

yesterday was my senior thesis presentation.

i'm not going to get into all the reasons why that was horribly terrifying for me.  i just want to point out that I SURVIVED! that's a huge deal, since i felt like i was going to die. and if i hadn't been the 2nd one to present, and had to wait until the end, i'm pretty sure that i would have actually died. 

i also want to point out that i have the best friends and family ever! my mom flew into town-- and missed going to the masters-- just to see me present; parker sat through two hours of art history presentations; and stephanie came and cheered me on, despite the busy day she had yesterday!

this picture is just missing katie.

after the presentations were over, my mom and i went out to lunch to celebrate!  a few weeks ago, i was looking through my friend brooke's bridal magazine {yes, she's engaged. she doesn't just have bridal magazines on hand} and saw an advertisement for this place called blue lemon that looked delicious. let's just say that that was no false advertising because oh my heavens it was good! talk about the world's freshest sweet potato fries. and that shrimp! so good!

on the way back from lunch, i made sure to introduce mom to the best park you can find in utah.

we came back to my apartment, where i took a short nap. i woke up to find that my sweet roommate lisa had brought me home a beautiful arrangement of flowers!

my mom went to slc to visit family, so i spent the night with friends- watched some volleyball, ate more delicious food at india palace, ate creamies, and watched some of a movie before the whole "horrible sleep quality" thing caught up to me. and yes, i got back to my apartment before my mother on a friday night. 

such a great day!


Pittsburgh Perambulations said...

congratulations on getting through your senior thesis!!! what a feeling of accomplishment after all that hard work you must have. :-)

Brooke said...

YAY!! I am so happy you made it. I am sure you were fabulous :)
And can I just say you look just like your mom...so cute! Oh and I am so happy you were able to go to the Blue Lemon...I told you it was amazing!