24 April 2010

i'm so b.a.

that's right, readers- i officially have my bachelor of arts from byu!!!!!!!!!!! it's the weirdest feeling- there were [many] times where i didn't think i was ever going to be able to survive, but it also feels like i just started.  weren't the dorms just yesterday?

thursday was commencement.  even though i had to sit on the backside of the speaker due to an epic seat-counting fail, i really enjoyed listening [and reading- i could see the prompts] to elder christofferson's talk.

afterwards, my family and i went to gloria's little italy for dinner.  delicious food + my family = fantastic night.

convocation was friday morning...at 8:00. eek! the graduates had to be there at 7:15, which wasn't so fun.  hence why i look so tired and don't seem to be able to smile completely in these pictures. katie was able to catch a flight back from london and got in late thursday night, so she was able to make it to graduation afterall!!  my friend annabelle also caught a 6 o'clock bus from slc just for the occassion!
byu: check
next up: cambridge

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